Damian & Delaine Le Bas create “Dada-Gypsy-shanties” throughout Europe


Constructed on the spot with materials found in each venue, the Safe European Home? series of on-site installations, usually in front of government buildings, offering refuge and information to fellow Gypsy-Roma-Travellers.

For Grace in Thy Sight, Damian painted a series of huge eyes on the side of the shack that he had constructed on the Eye of York, delighting in the fact that “eye” in English Romany is “Yorkie” and that the first thing the judges would see peering from their chambers would be huge, unblinking Yorkies returning their stare.

Subversive, witty, intelligent, impactful, these installations have created a stir in Vienna, Berlin, Dresden, Dublin, Copenhagen, Thessaloniki, Malmø, Essex, Worthing, and counting.

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