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Safe European Home?

On-site installations by Damian and Delaine Le Bas


Damian & Delaine Le Bas create “Dada-Gypsy-shanties” throughout Europe

Safe European Home? was a project that travelled around the metropolitan centres of Europe. The colourful and makeshift character of the shack contradicts the soberness of its surroundings between town houses and corporate buildings. Materials posted on its walls have reveal a darker agenda and allude to ongoing policies in the European Union and its member states that foster deregulation, inequality and discrimination.

Safe European Home? was first constructed outside the parliament building Vienna in 2011 and has subsequently been installed in various forms in Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Malmö, Essex, Dublin, Thessaloniki and Worthing.

No:1 VIENNA Austrian National Parliament

No:2 BERLIN CHB / 4th Roma Pavilion*

No:3 COPENHAGEN The Dandelion Project