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We are happy to share the images of Damian Le Bas' work on, for the world to understand the legacy of a remarkable artist and wonderful man.


Please note: Damian Le Bas' artwork is protected under international copyright law as intellectual property of his Estate. Delaine Le Bas and the Estate of Damian Le Bas retain all economic and moral rights to their work, including:

- The right to be identified as the author of the work;
- The right of integrity, to object to distortion, mutilation, or other derogatory modification of the work in a manner prejudicial to the reputation of the artist;
- Protection against any unauthorised reproduction of the work;
- Protection against the work being made available to the public, by any means, without written consent.

Copyright for artists covers all ORIGINAL artistic works such as paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculpture. Even upon selling the creative work to a buyer or collector, the Estate still holds the copyright. The buyer is not allowed to make prints or sell the artwork without explicit written permission to do so.


Please do not steal Damian's work! He is watching!


Please contact Delaine Le Bas / Estate of Damian Le Bas for all usage requests.

Website photography courtesy of
Delaine Le Bas
Andrea Trapani / Art Brut Gallery
Gorki Theater


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