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Who We Are (Group Show)

Reflecting a Country of Immigration


26 MAY TO 8 OCTOBER 2023

What is it that gives rise to the sense of ‘we’ in a society? Is it only possible to achieve it by setting oneself apart from ‘the others’? Is it possible to arrive at a shared and comprehensive sense of ‘we’ in our society?

The exhibition Who We Are puts critical questions to Germany as a country of immigration, a term that politicians have long resisted and one that should now seem self-evident. Migration is nothing out of the ordinary, on the contrary, it is the normal state of affairs.

Experiences of racism and discrimination, however, are still the order of the day for people who are denied membership of the ‘we’. Their paths through life are marked by resistance, but also by success.

The exhibition looks at the structures of our society: Who is allowed to join the conversation and have a say? Who is visible in politics and the media? Who We Are takes a look at the struggle for equal coexistence – the achievements along the way as well as the problems and hurdles that still litter the path. The exhibition shows works by contemporary artists and combines them with personal testimonies and documents relating to migration and history.


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